Hello and once again thank you for your visit, I trust you are finding our site both informative and helpful. First and foremost a proper introduction: my name is Gilbert Sanabria, but please call me Gil. I am the owner, captain (100 Ton Master), re-designer, restorer and laborer of my second home that we around the docks refer to as Stella. I am a native Miamian, born way back when nothing but woods could be seen west of the palmetto which was fine with me as the East side of our sandy beaches is what interests me most. Stella last name Maris, came into my life during what we call "that critical point in our life", now I see it is was only one of many… smile. Long story short, I, with my long ago dreams about sailing the blue waters still in mind, resigned my position as Director of Engineering of a 1705 unit South Beach Property, after some 25 plus years in the hospitality industry and bought what was then a total mess of a boat. Support for my decision was little if any, and bets were quickly being made around the docks about the day I would walk away. I think 6 months was the longest period given. I forgive them for they knew not who I am and what I was capable off. I on the other hand saw only potential in her and knew that Stella would once again be sailing again but this time with me at the helm, so on I pressed. Of greater importance to me then was the concept that life was meant to be lived, experienced, sought after and not managed nor feared. No shoulda’s, woulda’s, coulda’s for me… not in my vocabulary. 

Immediately after my sudden choice and drastic life changing decision, I started an in depth restoration on Stella, which, today finds itself close to completion. Who am I kidding, a restoration is never complete but that too is OK with me. The only difference is that my time, efforts and work on Stella are more of a proud man's labor of love rather than a mandated compilation of responsibilities, tasks, duties or underappreciated functions. In addition to my sudden purchase and not too long after Stella's restoration began, I opted to cash out of my 3/2, 1/4 ace, 15x30 pool, 2 car garage home located in South Miami (which I also totally rebuilt) and move on to Stella to really get a feel for the sailors life. Dock sailing was all I did for the first few months as I tore out and replaced all her major mechanical, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, standing and running rigging systems. Being a boater for more than 30 years I knew that systems made a vessel secure and enjoyable. “Putty and Paint simply make something what it ain't". Fear not though, as she did receive a well applied and very "expensive Awlgrip" paint job, one that suits her well.

As I neared the end of the restoration, I decided to put some miles under her keel and headed out to the Bahamas and Keys for many trips learning what else was required and prioritized when and where they should be fit into the grand scheme. These familiarization outing, better known as, shake down trips, are vital to the long term success of any refit/restoration. Besides the joy of seeing all your work come to be, it’s highly educational in directing one to the final layout of systems. I also have been known to push a vessel until I break at least three major components; like Captain Ron says "if it's gonna break it's gonna break out there", so break it, then come back in and fix it. The end result in this case, is a vessel that is extremely roomy, secure, confidence instilling, easy on the eyes and a very manageable cruiser, one who is ready to take me and our guest anywhere in comfort.

Now some 9 years and more than 3 thousand miles under her keel later, I find it time to share her with others in hopes that you too may create a few fond memories aboard Stella. In closing let me say that I find personal
Stella Maris Charters
Stella Maris Charters
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