As I mentioned earlier Stella’s design, build and history is truly as unique as her. As noted below in
Stella Maris specifications, she was built in 1975 a time of great change in the boat building industry
primarily due to the introduction of newer fiberglass resin technologies. Most Aldens prior to her
were of Classic Wood hull build. Stella Maris, John Alden Yacht design number 1015MS was
designed, commissioned and built for Neil Tillitson who by no coincidence had just became the new
owner of John Alden Yachts.  Sidebar: Mr. Niel Tillitson was in so many ways a remarkable man; if
curious you can see a few links on the history of the man behind Stella Maris here. Once Stella’s
design profile and sheer plans were completed, they were sent off for construction by another
newly acquired Tillitson company; Pearson Yacths. Tillitson Pearson Inc. formerly Pearson Inc.
was responsible for the construction of Stella’s hull and at 2.75 inches thick, what a hull it is. Upon
the completion, Stella’s hull was sent to one final Tillitson acquisition; Hodgdon Brothers of
Boothbay Maine, known to this day for their fine craftsmanship. Hodgdon Brothers, the oldest
shipyard in the US now had a new assignment; to finish the interior and prepare Stella for the open

Neil Tillitson must have been an amazing person; I wish I had an opportunity to meet the man of
three centuries as he was also known as he lived to 102. Just think of it, the man buys John Alden
Yachts one of the world’s finest naval architectural firms ever, to design his yacht then he buys
Pearson Inc. the leader in fiberglass technologies to construct the hull and finally he buys Hodgdon
Brothers arguably one of our nation’s best boat yards to construct his yacht. Now tell me with all
this pedigree, skill, craftsmanship, etc. designed and built in what would you expect from time
aboard Stella Maris? Are you getting the picture yet… smile

Some thirty plus years later I found Stella, sitting in a slip on Key Biscayne's Rickenbacker Marina.
Many years of neglect left her in dire need of a detailed restoration. In hind sight and with such a
pedigree it was sad to find her in such a state of disrepair. During my restoration, I took the liberty
and made a few changes to better suit her for my needs. Mainly, I wanted to rework the running
rigging to facilitate single handed sailing, something not easily done on an 88,000 plus pound
vessel. In addition I opened up and expanded the somewhat enclosed helm station and created an
area well suited for entertaining and ease of passage. Based on my many single handed voyages, I
could honestly say I have accomplished my goals. These changes along with many others make
for great sundowner conversation should you be into vessel design and builds like I am. Down
below I made a few minor changes and numerous system upgrades to suit my sailing needs and
personal usage. The rendition below represents Stella's current outboard layout (profile) and the
cabin sole plan shows the floor plan as she sits today. Like I said, plenty of room to wander, stretch
out and relax.

Stella Maris Charters
Stella Maris Charters
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About Stella Maris
· Year 1975
· Model John Alden Design 1015MS
· Commissioned For Neil Tillitson
· Hull Build Tillitson Person Inc.
· Builder Hodgedon Brothers - Boothbay Maine
· LOA 68ft
· LWL 53ft
· Draft 5.5 full keel
· Air Draft 56ft
· Beam 16.5
· Speed 10.5 Knots
· Displacement 44 Gross Tons
· Aux. Drive Caterpillar 3306PC 250hp @2200 RPM
· Gen. Set 8KW Onan 220V