Stella Maris Charters
Stella Maris Charters
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Haul Out and Bottomwork
Stern Thruster Design and Build
Hardtop Removal, New Design, Fabrication and Build
Bow Deck Removal and Repairs
Bow Thruster Tube Installation
Pulpit Design and Fabrication
Chain Plate Woodwork and Related Deck Repairs
Deck Changes, Paint Preping and Awlgrip Refinishing
Engine Room Before, Repairs, Changes and Current Status
Helm Station Deck Repairs and Layout Changes
Refrigeration Removal, Build, Equipment Installation and Layout
Standing Rigging, Mast and Spar Refinishing, Bling
Custom Stanchion Design and Build... It's in the details
OK.... Be forewarned these links are not for the faint of heart. However, I feel it proper to share what knowledge and experience I have aquired with those whom may wish to venture into a boat restoration project of their own. That said, the following, links denote some of the work (excessive amounts) to bring what was an abandonded boat back from the cript. I hope it somehow helps anyone understand what can be done with planning and applied effort. Never let those around you convince you that it can not be done, it's hard, but if you really want to do it... do it. I keep pretty good records so I'm up to 1875 hours and counting.... always counting... smile