The following rates are for a maximum of 6 paying guests aboard. The prices listed include all amenities listed in the inclusive section below. Liquor and all other form of alcohol beverages are BYOB due to legal restrictions and leave all non-perscription drugs at home.... smile

As part of the booking I will make myself available for loading and unloading of personal items to include clothing, meals, beverages, etc. I could even assist with overland transportation of items and/or persons to and from Stella and hotel or home. This simply means that the "journey" starts at an earlier point.... smile 

Prices may vary based on pick up and drop off at arrangements and designated location; these will be discussed when you present your ideas. Request for special pick up and/or drop off sites such as one way trips are available with a preapproved cost adjustment to be discussed prior to booking. In addition, transportation of Stella Maris to a specific point of boarding must be in turn negotiated and agreed to before acceptance. Prices do not include 7% Florida Sales Tax.
· Hours of fuel per outing for our rather large Caterpilar
·Fuel for Generator to run full time of booking, should guest request
·Various Beverages (sodas, juices, etc) are provided on 1 day+ bookings
·All outings include Captain and Mate if needed depending on duration and destination
·Pick up and drop of boarding locations will affect price
·Water, electricity, HVAC is included and readily available
·Internet access is included where available (coverage)
·Digital photos of your outing is included and taken with HD Camera equipment
Stella Maris Charters
Stella Maris Charters
In The Business Of Creating Memories.......
Rate Page
Inclusive in typical booking are the following:

4 Hours             $895.00
8 Hours            $ 1448.00
1 Day                $ 2527.00
2 Day                $ 3449.00
3 Day                $ 4370.00
4 Day                $ 5292.00
5 Day                 $ 6214.00
6 Day                $ 7136.00
7 Day                 $ 8058.00