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Stella Maris Charters
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Stella Maris and I welcome you to our site, we trust that in review you will find the answers needed to assist you in planing that special sailing event. Stella Maris, my Classic 1975 68ft John Alden Cutter Ketch and I offer various options designed to meet the requirements of most excursions. In addition as you will see, Stella has ample room to accommodate up to 6 passengers in comfort for days at a time; no roughing it aboard Stella. Our principle charter services are built around the many wondeful features found on our local waters to include Fort Lauderdale’s ICW, Miami Biscayne’s Bay, the Florida Keys and with proper notification and planning the Bahamas. If however, should you not find a package that suits your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us as we are always interested in hearing of new and exciting things to do upon the waters.

Stella as we lovingly call her, is an extraordinary unique vessel with an equally long history in both design and build. I feel both fortunate to own her and proud to offer her for up charter. I am confident that you too will agree that she is truely a very "Special Lady". As proud as I am of Stella, I will not state that she nor any vessel for that matter, is perfect for every occasion. A boat, any boat no matter what type, style, power configuration, etc, is in many ways an owner’s selection of his/her own personal set of compromises. Thankfully Stella through design and build fall’s in a category of being very capable of doing many things well. As you review our charter services and compared them to others (and you truly should compare), I would like to offer the following insite on sailing. Always consider what it is that you are seeking out of your sailing experience and locate a vessel that is designed to meet those needs. As an example, Stella and I do not offer “Dipping the rails” or “wet rides” events best left to low decked racers. Then again such sailing requires cramped decks with little room to move. Stella is on the other hand offers room to wander and relax whether it is on deck or in one of her four cabins below. With 68ft of deck, Stella provides various options to stretch out and walk (yes walk), lounge, or if you would like to learns to sail, you could help trim her 1200 plus feet of canvas. Grace and power two words that describe Stella well; a ride that is steady and graceful with powerful smooth motions to be enjoyed with a glass of wine… OK brewsky’s work too on sunny days.. smile.

In conclusion there are many other fine vessels out there to charter, a few with finer finishes than Stella due to their build dates, but very few if any provide the room, comfort, class and grace that Stella offers which all but insures a memorable event aboard. Please take a moment to wander though our site, we are confident that you will be pleased with Stella and our services. If you have any questions, know that we are but an e-mail or phone call away and would love to hear of your thoughts. Slow Down, Relax and Enjoy; the possibilities are about to begin......

I thank you in advance for your visit.
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