OK so now let's answer the question as to what Charter Packages are available and then look into just how much your selection may cost. If you have visited our Charter duration pages, my guess is that you have a narrowed down a duration that should suit your needs. I also think it safe to say that you have worked out the "who will” be attending, so that answers the question of how many people you plan on inviting. The date question is easily answered by the event such as an anniversary, friendly outing, bucket list #65, family time, or creating a special memory with that better half that you love so much. You see this is easy as is time aboard Stella.

Armed with this information, please review the rate page in an attempt to match your dream with the time allotment; this way seems to work the best. Don't fret the details at this time as we can review them when we speak of your outing. Note; I do not provide a cattle call service with hundreds of sailors a month, I like to personalize our journey around your needs, after all I am in the business of creating memories and when dealing with us it starts with a sincere and fond hello during the booking process. 

So, what about the unknowns such as the waters, the weather, what to or not to expect, will sailing meet your needs, what should you bring along, what about Mal de Mar, etc. All good questions, so to assist with your questions and to help get you closer to creating that special memory, permit me to offer a few insights about sailing and/or time spent on the waters. I offer this insight through 30 plus years of being on the water and living on board Stella since June 2005 and that romantic sailor in me, I trust it will help.

Considerations to consider:

Sailing is truly about enjoying leisure time that’s shared with friends and/or experiencing adventures with persons who often become, through the same experiences, your new friends. Mother Nature has a way about her; she will find a way to slow you down, especially aboard Stella. She does so through a visit from a pod of dolphins, the colors of her waters, her heavenly starlit skies or the preceding golden sunsets. My acquired advice is, don't concern yourself about the big things as they often work themselves out. Get aboard and let the adventure begin, Mother Nature will provide the Ohhhh's and Ahhh's, rest asured…...

That said, your adventure begins as you board, sailing it's not about a scheduled or throttling off out on the waters. Sailing is so much more about the journey and not so much as to the destination. You will see that simply casting off and leaving the docks creates an exciting and enjoyable moment that’s a prelude of even greater things to come.

Time on the water sailing is by nature varied; our journey will take us through many facets of sailing, whether it is due to a change in drive systems, changes in sails aloft, a change in wind speed or a change of the wind direction. Details, such as the changes of the shadows on deck made by our 1200 plus feet of sails keep our senses in tune with our surroundings. Furthermore the sounds of the water meeting our bow while under sail create a soothing effect that is felt in the soul; something not attainable on a motor vessel. All of these gifts are offered by nature and are gifts to keep our adventure vibrant and exciting, so why be in a rush. We sailors find it best to go with the flow and wind. Mal de Mar, yes it happens, but Stella’s size and motion minimizes such concerns and/or we can always tailor a trip better suited to those with greater concerns; say an inner bay cruise.

Weather or other logistical concerns; fortunately sailing is an outdoor event, but remember that Stella has ample size to make all concerns in this category simply go away and/or become minor to say the least. Should it rain, and it can rain often in South Florida, know that you will be dry and comfortable aboard. Bottom line, Stella has a gracious and easy way about her and as such removes such concerns and for that we are fortunate to be on her. Take note, we once had a birthday outing with 39 people aboard and no one felt cramped

Stella Maris Charters
Stella Maris Charters
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